About Me

This blog is essentially the start of building my writing portfolio. I prefer to write dark/horror stories, and especially like creating creepy material with strange, unexpected plot twists. There will be experimentation with other genres (though dark/horror will be my main ones), perspective (I’ve always wanted to try writing in second person, and I would like to improve my usage of first, too), and working within episodic constraints and set limitations. Character bios and other ideas will also appear on here, and maybe in the future editorials/simple opinion pieces, and game reviews.

I am currently an English Language student at university, and spend a lot of my time learning about the use of language in persuading and manipulating the audiences of a speaker (or writer). Because of this, I am debating looking into existing game articles and deconstructing them to find usage of linguistic devices to sway the gaming community towards a particular opinion, regardless of the truth behind the piece.

Or in non-uni-lingo terms, I’m thinking about pulling apart game reviews and articles in my spare time and showing you exactly where these writers are using words to manipulate you into thinking in a certain way. If this happens, it’ll probably only be on controversial articles (and the responses that follow), because they’ll be much more fun to work with!

As well as the short stories and nerdy English stuff, I’ll be creating a mini series of vignettes. I hope to write a series of stories about the final moments of various survivors in a zombie outbreak. To help challenge me, I will go to random theme/character/scenario/word generators to produce setting and themes for me to work with. Once I have these tags, I have to produce a story that adheres to the themes given to me, no matter how strange or difficult to write. If I can’t write it, I will state as such and consider a ‘reroll’ of words. I’m liking the sound of the tag ‘randozomb.’

Watch this space!


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